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What Makes Facebook Messenger Such a Great Travel App?

Many people out there think that Facebook Messenger is just another one of those applications that you can use to contact your family and friends. While this is completely true, there is so much more to Facebook Messenger than that. Did you know that a lot of Facebook Messenger’s features are actually aimed at people who love to travel? That’s right! Facebook Messenger can actually work as a travel app – you just need to know how to use it properly. The following are some of this app’s best features that could be very useful during your next trip.

Figuring Out Where Your Friends Are

Have you ever traveled in a group? If you have, then you already know how difficult it can be to find your travel buddies after being away from each other for a few hours. Actually, it might even be harder than agreeing with them where to go for lunch or dinner. This is especially true if you are in a country that you have never been to before. Facebook Messenger has a feature that lets you share your current location with your friends, which makes it very easy for them to see how far away you are from them. By default, this feature can stay on for an hour, and you can easily switch it on or off from any chat window. That’s it – no more misunderstood directions! This feature does pretty much everything for you.

Requesting a Ride

We all know that buses and trains are all part of the travel experience, right? But what if you just want to drive around in a comfortable, air-conditioned car? If you live in the US and would like to go for either a Lyft or Uber ride, you can contact them without leaving your Facebook Messenger app. Although this method will not save you a whole lot of time, not having to interrupt your conversations is a great bonus. Also, if you have never contacted Uber before, we are pretty sure that your first ride will be a free one.

Splitting Expenses

When it comes to traveling in a group, keeping track of who has paid for what is not always easy. But don’t worry, because Facebook Messenger is here to save the day! Your travel buddies can add their Visa or Mastercard debit cards into the Facebook’s secure payment system, and the whole process should not take more than two minutes. You can then use the app to request money from your travel buddies. This makes the whole experience much easier for everyone involved.